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Where is Mastella Jackson today?

Mastella Jackson was one whose husband was killed in 2012 and she was accused that she killed her husband. She was arrested in 2016 and then released on bail. Now the court found some evidence and she is sentenced and sends her to jail. If we look that she was arrested in 2012 and he was 39 years old and we assume that he was born in 1973. It is difficult to find more information about her life as we checked on internet there is no information about her and we just can assume her age from the age she told to the court and we assume that she was born in 1973. She is now in jail for life time as she accused for her husband murder. We could not provide you more information as she does not tell anything about family and relative as we get more information from her we will update you with that information.

We cannot provide you more information about her educational background as she does not tell anything and nothing is shown on the internet about her so as we get information regarding her education we will share with you. If you want to know more about her you should visit this website as we get information about this we will upload her.

She was married to Derrick Whitlow before she killed him. She has bad relation with him and she killed him and no one was aware that she killed him she was sentence now and he was killed in 2012. She share with him two sons and now they are living with their uncle. She know that she did wrong and she has to spend her life now in jail and she is unable to her son as they know that their father is killed by her mother and they do not want to meet her.

There was no clear evidence and she was released by a judge Mark Mcginnis and he said police wrongly interrogated her and she was released in 2016 and police found some physical evidence and she was found guilty and was send her to jail. Whitlow brother and sister in law tell the story how they spend days and night after the death of his brother and they have very good relation and he helped them a lot in their life and they have best relation even Jackson was very good but suddenly Jackson commit this crime and they did not believe that Jackson can do this. They are saying they have left two son and they with them now. They really love them as they are children of his beloved brother ad they care for them a lot.

Defense lawyer said in the court that there no evidence that she commit this act and court again call to collect enough evidence so that court give verdict about her that if she is guilty she will be punish if she is not guilty then she will be released. She found guilty in 2016 and she was give first degree intentional homicide. She killed her husband in 2012 in a hotel and she requested court again and again and then court order for the trail and she called for the investigation and she want herself to be release but police found evidence and she was guilty in the case. She spend ten years out of jail and case reach to final evidence now and they ask the court that she is guilty and she did this act of killing her husband.

James whitlow understand that his brother was killed by his wife that is why he fought the case and come to the court and give testimony that his brother was killed rather than death by natural cause. Court was full of people and a number of people hold him as he was telling about his brother and those were emotion that all the court room was crying to hear the story and that courtroom was full of emotion. He told the court that he wants his brother son as he see them and he remember his brother because of his son. He told the court he will love to have those two as he loves his brother a lot and he will try to be like their father and give them everything what they expect from their father.

Police work hard to find the evidence as it was not an easy task and they visit a lot of places to collect evidence and they come to know that she went to bazar and buy a knife and stubbed him 30 to 40 time and killed him and go out of that hotel she did a mistake and throw the cloth in dustbin which is in her home. Police found those cloths that are full of blood and arrest her as they have now enough evidence that she killed her husband.

She is still investigating as police and court want to know the reason behind killing of her husband. She was bring to the court and ask some question but she was not ready to answer those question and court ask the police to take her in jail and investigate and take out the information that why she killed her husband. Why she was compel to kill her husband and what he did wrong that she become aggressive and she did this act? The court and people want to know the fact that what actually happened and she killed her husband in 2012 and she is sentenced In 2022. This is all the question that police has to investigate and answer should be present in front of court and court revealed the report to the media that why she killed her husband and she will be given a sentence so no other do such act. This is how if you do something wrong it can be prove after years as she was found guilty after nine years and she was put in jail for life time.