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Is anything better than steel?

This is what people ask always is there anything better than steel? The question is asked by many people and it is in their mind that nothing can be stronger than steel but if we tell you that there is a thing that exists that is stronger than steel. Wood is that thing that can be strong than wood. People talk about some wood that is oak and this wood is stronger than steel but now every wood can be stronger than steel. Now scientists have a formula and they said any kind of wood can be transformed and that would be stronger than steel. They said we can make a bullet resistance from wood and no one can fail that. They are cheap and can be made from trees and steel is very expensive. This answer shocked the people that wood is a thing that is stronger than steel.

Wood is abundant and can be found everywhere. This is of low cost and many things in society are made of wood. If you look around your home you can find many things that are made of wood such as furniture chairs, doors, and many things. You can make it strong as you compress it. This is how it can be strong than steel. Now how it is strong than steel will tell you this as some of the scientists try for this and they said it is stronger and they are stronger when you densify the wood and compress it and then it becomes stronger than steel.

If you go through this process you will find that wood is now stronger than steel because it is densified and harder than steel. It has more resistance because it cell wall collapse and it is very strong. It can be changed to any shape and it is moisture free and water can soften it. Scientists have done experiments and they have put the wood for five days in water and does not swell. This is how they tried many methods and they were successful in every method and prove that wood is stronger.

They said if the wood is used in everything in houses vehicles and all things will have low cost and it is stronger than steel. Wood does not have the weight as steel has and it cost more than wood. It does not cost more than steel if you recycle it. It can be used somewhere else if you used it. This material can be used to make designs on it. It is easy to draw any design on it is very cheap.

This research of the scientists might be very useful and they have told that anything can be made from wood. If you talk about home and from the floor, windows to door everything in the house can be made of this wood and it is cheap too. It is possible in the future that in the future car can be made of wood and densified wood can help in making number plates and other parts of the car. It is the most abundant thing that exists in every corner of the world and it is cheap and people can find it easily. There is no place in the world where you cannot find wood.

Steel is also stronger and world is aware of steel and they said that it is stronger and many people still do not know about wood and we tell you that how that can be stronger. It is expensive material and in future it is possible that wood replace steel. There are different kind in steel too and they are trying to make it cheap for people as they mixed up and try to sell it cheap.

There are other item too that are stronger than steel. Titanium is stronger than steel and is less in weight and strong. This is another option that can be used in industrial work and it is stronger and less in weight than in steel. We have research on this and tell you what is stronger than steel and cheap in prices and we tell all the properties and how they are stronger and how you can use them now.