WhatsApp Removed Photo and Videos Scan Apk Download

WhatsRemoved + is an app that allows you to track notifications and track conversion folders and deleted files so you don’t miss anything in your favorite messaging apps. WhatsApp has been removed from the Google Play Store for violating the Terms of Service using technology developed for WhatsApp +, <b> WhatsApp (color.dev.com.magenta).
While the original app simply focused on detecting deleted messages from WhatsApp, we expanded our reach to reach all viewing apps and more. During the installation, you can select our applications and folders to monitor them as long as they require that they do not violate our Terms of Service.

WhatsApp Removed Photo and Videos Scan Apk

If the application changes the notification or deletes the message, it will notify you of what happened, whether by deleting the message, by file, or by requesting some important information.
Like WhatsRemoved, WhatsRemoved + does not send your data to external servers, it is only available on your phone. WhatsRemoved + will not save all notifications, only the applications you have selected manually. We’ve created a setup tool for installing and learning algorithms that allow you to tailor it to each user’s needs, saving just what you need.


Scan the folder for deleted files.
Window to show all deleted messages.
Easy to adjust.
Save the history of the information you choose.
It detects changes in the alert and notifies you.
One tab for each application with notification history
Search system by alarm group.
Learn algorithms for more accurate and general installation.