vlogging camera vlogging setup | best camera photo and videos

Hello friends,  Photo and today we are going to talk about the best blogging camera,

what kind of tools we can use to shoot a good blog and what shot from a modern point of view you can also blog your phone but today we are professional Talking about the blogging kit so first of all, I will talk to you about the camera, what are the things to keep in mind while choosing a vlogging camera I mean here are 4-5 things that must happen.

vlogging camera vlogging setup | best camera photo and videos

A state-of-the-art camera-equipped camera should have a microphone input so that you can connect an external microphone to it. Without buying a camera.

These are more suitable for olverines because they weigh less light, have automatic focus, are easy to use and have less light functions so which mirror equipped camera should we buy? Since Sony, Panasonic, Canon all these companies make cameras without mirrors so if you ask me which vlogging camera would I like to buy?

So I would recommend the Sony A6500 The reason I recommend the Sony A6500 is that it has a 6K resolution sensor that removes 4K footage from the bottom. It also has Auto Focus and 4D Focus. With features like this, it’s perfect for blogging, so whenever you choose a camera body,

make sure it’s not mirrored and Full HD requires less than or equal to your best 4 4K, it works. It doesn’t matter much but with the A6500 and A6400, which is Sony’s latest offer, they focus automatically and the one thing I really like about the 4K and the A6500 is that it has 5 axis characters which means if I have any older ones However when I attach these lenses to my A6500 the lens or any other lens is not stable,

those lenses will automatically stabilize whether your lens has stability or not, so our talk about camera body was I recommend 6500 on Sony Now come on I am talking about the lens because when you expect good results, it is not just about the camera.

You must also choose the right lens. If I specifically say the Sigma 16mm / 1.4 e-mount lens, it is suitable as a 16mm crop sensor. Pony connect it to the A6400 or A6500 It gives you a view of the 24mm angle Now you ask why it shows the 24mm angle? Because they are corpses of crops.

Grains in which the focal length is multiplied by 1.4 or 1.5 so an angle of 24mm from an angle is the best view for an object Second, it is a fixed focal point, but if you have an 18-135mm lens attached I already have this camera with 18-135mm attached The A6500 is a simple coverage lens that can be very helpful to you on many of your tablets with an 18mm wide angle and this number will continue to get narrower as I get older and when it reaches 135mm, when it gets a zoom lens.

That being said, I have another option that is used in Sony’s cameras, the e-mount lens, this Sony Zeiss lens 16770mm can also be used in Sony’s A6400 or crop corpses. The A6500 is an amazing lens and I think it’s becoming a deal these days. It usually costs 135,000 PKR but nowadays you can get it at 90000-95000 PKR so if it is a lens then if you need a prime lens I would advise you Sigma To buy a 16mm f 1.4 lens.

But if you want to flip in places, a certain focal length will not help you either buy an 18-135mm lens with your Sony A6500 or have another 16-70mm lens Yes, but these are very expensive and very effective Not that you’re good so we have a camera body The whole thing about what you should keep in mind when you buy a blogging camera, then,

I told you now about the third lens When you attach the lens to your camera and start recording, where is it safe ?

It is probably stored on an SD card Which card should we use now?

You go to the market, there are a thousand brands and the speed of each card is different so I will give you a small formula which will make it easier for you to buy from a good / s / trusted brand. You will get a good camera, a good lens. However you have come up with a cheap card that will ruin all your footage so I suggest you buy an SD card with a speed of at least 95 MB / s in 4K resolution, it should be double the price of either Sandisk or Angel Bird SD card Sandisk but speed At the same level then Angel Bird Cards are 170 MB / s. Always try to keep a high speed card so that you never shoot in 4K if you want to kill but at least whatever