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Top 5 Must Visit Places In Dubai 2020 | UAE 2021

Hey today, I would like to show you the five best places in Dubai that should receive five million visitors each year and within them.

With this area of ​​17 million 200,000 square feet, you can see the different cultures of more than 90 countries and meet different people from everyone around the world where you can experience the world, eat out, and do the mundane travel for fun. It is located in parks and summer resorts. If you like movies and horseback riding, you will love this place.

Top 5 Must Visit Places In Dubai 2020 | UAE 2021

DreamWorks Animation Columbia portrayed by Shergate and Coates. Like the speed of making shared dreams, Rhea at R Gate has had plenty of rides for you and your loved ones on the trip. You can spend three days in Deir Valley and visit the Motion Gate all day, so how can you use it to see the vast expanse of Deira like Dubai? ? The old city center of Dubai is where you can do many things like eat old soup where you can find spices, traditional emerald dresses, and much more.

Want to see the biggest finger in the world? Do not look at the Sonam bag anymore in the cylinder and you will get it with the rifle. World record This ring is the gold ring which is the longest ring. You can also see other gold coins that you have never seen before.

The end of the golden bag in your life. You can only travel to the area and after getting used to Dubai you can buy a small boat called Ab Bara for only one dirham, only one dirham they have this boat for a long time and they will take you at any time the price cannot be changed so a dirham will take you along the creek and you travel to Dubai but you must see Beautiful Delaram area.

The Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall features the largest mall in the world with an area of ​​12 million square feet with 1,200 stores and 120 restaurants and cafes as an aquarium with live sharks like the ice rink, while in Dubai and Miles. Outside, you can see dinosaur fossils in a large space. .

Besides the waterfall, there is a beautiful waterfall display and you will see that the tallest tower in the world called Burj Khalifa is a great place to visit in Dubai, if you are trying to lose the heat but try to have fun. Come to JBB is the number one location for residents of Jumeirah Beach if you are like me and love the beach, you will love this place in JBR where you can enjoy the summer beach life and with beautiful beaches along the Persian Gulf you can have fun with your family.

And the friends you can go for in the water activities, you can take a camel or even a plate at the beach, and once you are done with the beach you can enjoy the surrounding beach and a few at the beach dine at the restaurants.

If you want to get more views of all the places mentioned go straight to my channel. So yeah, I love the five places in Dubai and if you don’t make me on my top five list then I need to tell you in the comments section below, I really appreciate that people out there always get involved a lot. And I’ll call the next boy