Ramadan 2021 | Best Ramadan 2021 App

The Ramadan 2021 app contains worldwide prayer times, alarms, Ramadan schedules, 99 names of Allah, complete Quran with audio, Quran Surah, Qibla directions and tasbi.
This application is usable for all countries.
The timing of prayers and Ramadan will depend on your state or city
You can search the state or city of a specific country.
Ramadan 2021 all the time from aladhan.com
And all Surat audio has been collected from tahid.com and github.com/semarketir
If you install and keep the application settings properly, you can use it offline for one year.
If you do not want to change your state or city, you need to change your application settings.

Application features work:
Prayer time:
– Perform five supererogatory prayers during Fajr, Zuhr, Asur, Muqrib and Esha
– Pop-up the Prayer Times app at a later date.
– Get the daily prayer time app or scheduled time app on the home screen for today’s prayer time method.

During Ramadan
Ramadan schedule all
The Ramadan Calendar app is an indicator of daily updates and you will see clicks and popup screens and the day before and after Ramadan.

Periodic alerts, including prayer calls, let me know your salt time each day.
You can change the alarm time if you want. Speaking of daily alarm time.

Quran Surah:
Audio with Quran – Surah Here is the necessary Quran.
– You can play audio and move on.

Qibla Compass:
– Islamic Compass Degree Change your upright position
– You can go to Qibla with Qibla Compass
– Find directions to Mecca from anywhere in the world

– You can use tasbi counting by pressing a button.

Name of Allah:
– 99 names of Allah including English 99

– 114 Quran with audio
– Arabic Audio Al-Quran

Islamic wallpapers
– You can get free unlimited islamic wallpapers