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Where is Koh e Murdar?


Koh-e-Murdar is mountain present in beautiful city of Quetta province Baluchistan in Pakistan. It is located in the east of Quetta city. The highest peak of koh-e-murdar is sur ghash which is 3184 meter. People of Quetta usually go to koh-e-murdar for picnic and many people go for to have exercise and keep themselves fit. It has many directions which start from urhak and end in eastern bypass. People go there for different purposes some for exercise and some for picnic and some for hunting. They are dry have no water but have some pond which are filled by rain and people usually use that water and in June July ponds dry because of heat as the weather reached to 40 degrees and people usually buried water in bottle for their self and other people so they don’t face any problem. As we go there we usually go there for picnic and to keep our self-fit. As it has many direction we use all we climb through shaldra and come back through usman kalla. We cook food on its heights and come down so it’s both as picnic and exercise. It has many wild animal jackals, foxes, rabbits, and wolves. People do camping just for hunting on the top of koh-e-murdar.

As we went there on Sunday start our journey from home and reached to kasi kabristan and climb from there where as you reached there you notice the houses of hazara people and we we went on the top of that mountain and it took two hour to reach there. We all were tired and stop there to take some rest and all of us drink some water as its on height and some of our friend were unable to go further because it was there first time but give the support to go to its heights. Some were disagree to go but we ask them for competition then they go further with us as we find some shadow put our things there and start cooking food for our self. All of us decided not eat more because with full stomach man cannot go easily on height. So all eat the food and take some rest and then start going slowly to the top of the mountain.

As we reached there we saw some more people who there and eating food and we ask them if they need anything but they have all thing. We want to reach the top of mountain which is our target. Slowly and gradually we reached to the top of mountain and we were able to see the beautiful view of Quetta city. We were feeling good and relax as we were on the targeted place. Our friends take out the tent and again some of our friend take rest and some were busy in collectinmake some tea and served to all of our friend. In morning we searched for things in mountain and it was as plane as earth. We found some wild animal and we found too some rabbits and hunt them for ourselves. There were snakes too which were very danger. We have then lunch and some karhahi and slowly coming to home. As we climb easily but it is not easy to come down. We have different direction and this way is very dangerous as it has way like zigzag but we find some trees there too which was very relax to sit beneath those trees. So this was our first eg the wood for fire. As the top of the mountain was cold and we need fire to warm our self now its evening and we make tea to drink. Tea was fantastic with some sweets.

We see another party there who were there for some days and ask them what they are doing there. They told they are there for hunting and they hunt some rabbits and they ask us to eat tonight those rabbits with them and we accept their invitation and they cooked rabbits tonight that was so delightful and we never have that kind of food in our live. After having that food our friend served some tea to all and we also decided to hunt some animal there. At night there our all friend sit in one place and start singing some songs as it become very dark we go to sleep and have a wonderful night at morning all of us wakeup and offer our prayer and xperience in mountain as we saw them before from far but now we were on the top of the mountain as we come down bit we find shadow and some of our friend said to cook those rabbit which we hunt as they were hungry and they cooked again all eat it and enjoyed this extra meal. As on the way we find more people and they don’t have water we provide them some water and we were on tifficulties as we lost the way.

So what we suggest you must follow those thing so you also enjoyed your trip to koh-e-murdar as we did. So finally we reached to the way fall to usman kalla and come down safely. We take our things and go back to our homes and it was very enjoyable trip and will be remembered for ever.city. They can find the beautiful creature of Allah there too. So we come down from the top and now we were in the middle of it. It was very difficult to come down as we don’t know the and it he way to come down to go back to our homes. It was a beautiful trip and we suggest to other people also to visit this mountain as it is beautiful and can see the beautiful view of Quetta was also dark. So we suggest whenever you go there you should have a person with you who know the way and torch is very important as it help you a lot in dark. We find the way but face lots of d