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Implementation of WhatsPal is to keep up with the current situation without having to connect to any person.
It supports WhatsApp Business and GBWhats. Using WhatsPal, you can download all photos and video clips, especially restore your friend on WhatsPal.
It is possible to have a view with non-secure communication lines from the record of conversations or by way of entering numbers.

WhatsPal Apk Download apk new version

“How to use”
View stories / occasions of truths from WhatsPal special book
Ima Refer to WhatsPal to show photos / video clips.
For the preservation of images / video clips in the special photo gallery, see above.
Memorize if you are not safe in the sign of goodness.
Another person who is above Al-Zar for the Hebrew Partnership.
Check out the above WhatsPal password to share directly on WhatsPal or update your status.
Enter the number for direct viewing or limit WhatsApp from recording recent conversations and sending them messages without memorizing numbers.

WhatsPal Apk

Easy to use.
The face used is clean and simple.
Different images and cross-sections of the video in different symbols.
Implement GB GBWatts and WhatsPal for use.
Photos View images and occupy video clips in non-connection mode.
Small volume and light weight.
Photos from easy sharing or republishing photos and video clips.

This application is not trusted with the application of WhatsPal or WhatsPal Business or GBWhats in any form.
WhatsPal is a commercial brand owned by WhatsPal Inc. We do not intend this to be the end of the trademark.