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Volume booster – Sound Booster & Music Equalizer

Volume Booster and Sound Booster is an extra volume booster, loudspeaker, music equalizer, transmission booster, volume changer and amplifier that improves the sound quality of your Android phone or tablet.

The volume booster and speaker can push the phone volume more than the default system. Make all sounds on your device louder. T

Volume booster – Sound Booster & Music Equalizer

he music equalizer encourages volume and ensures no distortion occurs as it grows
The mind-boggling technology on this loud speaker can make all your voices clearer and stronger.

Whether you are listening to music, playing games, watching movies or watching videos, this volume booster will increase the volume of all sounds.

System defaults no longer limit the volume of your music!
Now, you can enjoy more immersive sounds than ever before.

Immerse yourself in your favorite music, expand your vocabulary and enjoy it.

vol Why volume booster and sound booster? 🚀
Music music player, Veda player, games, ringtones, notifications and alarm volume together for 200% system volume to expand volume and volume together. Increase the volume without losing

sound quality.
Headphone booster for headphones, external speakers and bluetooth.
শব্দ Stereo sound effects bring immersive experiences.

Powerful music equalizer with 20+ preset professional sound effects.
☆ Easy music player controls: play/pause, next song, previous song
☆ Clean and simple page and one touch operation.

Live sound spectrum is presented when music is playing.
Root No root required.

Features of Vol Vol Booster – Loud Speaker: 7
* Max volume booster
* Bus booster effect
* Noise effects around the stereo
* Volume booster for music player
* Five band music equalizers

* Preset professional sound effects (General, Classical, Dance, Straight, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Vocal, Bus_Boost, Treble_Boost, Vocal Boost, Headphones, Deep, Electronic, Latin, Loud, piano (Arabic)
*Customize presets
Virtualization Effect
* Subwoofer Equalizer
* Visual spectrum of music
* Support notification control
* Home screen widgets (1 x 1, 4 x 1, 2 x 2)
* 14+ awesome wallpapers

A good volume booster can give you a great music experience! 🎧🎧 Maximum volume booster can be found here. Our free music volume booster app is easy to use. Control the volume of your music, boost your music and amplify your sound with volume booster and volume booster.