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*** This app might not work properly on Lollipop devices (Android 5.x) when Do Not Disturb is active ***

This app silences the ringtone of an incoming call when you pick up your device from a standstill location, say from a table. Also you can enable to silence the ringtone by waving over the phone.

The app uses accelerometer reading to detect pick up motion and proximity sensor reading to detect wave motion. It is advised to change the “Pick sensitivity” if necessary. No service is constantly running, hence this app won’t drain any battery.

READ_PHONE_STATE: allows to detect incoming call. The app doesn’t store the call details.
Do Not Disturb access: required to change ringtone volume when phone is in DND mode.
Internet access: used only to display ads.

Caller ID and phone call recording application that intercepts millions of phone calls and finds out the real identity of the caller. Exchange dialer and address book for call app!

Caller ID Blocking – Find out who’s calling you with the best Caller ID, Call Blocker, Phone Number View, Contacts app and Call Recorder!

Call application features:
Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) – Call Recording Easy! Record calls and outgoing phone calls with automatic call recorder (ACR) feature! The call app has high quality recording calls! Real call recording can be used on any Android. Send call recordings to social media with automatic call recorder!

Who called me – Block the caller ID application that detects unknown caller IDs and unknown numbers. Caller ID Blocker and unwanted calls in our Real Call Blocker app! Be sure to turn off calls to block unknown calls and numbers! Find out when real caller ID and blocked caller ID are on the spam call blocking list! Find out who’s calling me by blocking calls and spam!
Cal Real Caller ID – Find the real caller ID from each call log! The caller app shows who called me, look for photos on the caller ID page, and search for phone numbers on Facebook. Automatically block unwanted calls and fake numbers.

★ Phone Number Search – Find the best phone number and find the opposite phone number! Find or dial a phone number or location and track the phone number. Request these phone numbers from the Caller ID application dialer. Phone number search trio is a great feature of the app, call blocker and call recording.

9 Dialer and Contacts – The Call App is a dialer application with T9 Dialer that helps you call your contact phone numbers from your address book and see the opposite phone number! Manage your calls and dial your contact list in call contacts via our free caller ID, unwanted call blocker and real call recorder app!
Blacklist number. Add unwanted calls, block numbers and contacts from your address book /


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