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Stylish Text – Fonts & Keyboard App

Stylish text is a calligraphy writing board with font style, emoji and text style

Stylish Text was created with the encouragement to give your text a stylish look with interesting fonts, interesting symbols and text style. Enable stylish text keyboard and use all your favorite styles (Unicode fonts) directly in other apps.

Stylish Text – Fonts & Keyboard

Write stylish text and art and share it on your favorite chat apps like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts and every other app that supports text editing to impress everyone.

Let’s open stylish text on your phone and start writing beautiful bios. Tweet in bold, italic, and crisp style to make the text stand out in your table. Write decorative greetings and surprise your friends on their special days. Talk about an imaginary text in groups and be a focus of interest. Create some unique names for popular games and gain fame. πŸ™‚

Type and swipe like a pro on a stylish keyboard

– Stylish text keyboard that gives accurate suggestions and predictions for faster typing and scrolling!
– Unlimited free emojis to express your love and all your feelings!
– 121+ font style.
– Custom keyboard theme.
Fast typing keyboard.
-Type and type any text you want, from swipe to typing, and from typing to typing, with predictive emojis.
– Auto-correction and detection support in all text styles.

Stylish text format

elegant lines
Blue Double Stroke Plain and Bold Text Regular and Bold Fracture Regular and Bold Breathe Single , Normal and Bold , Sports Bold , Italic and Bold Italic , Round , Square , Dark Rings , Bold Square , Small Caps , Single Space , Top to Bottom and Picture Movement , Brackets , square brackets, slashes, double slashes, through attack, double decker, point up, high and low line and much more

Interesting icons
You can choose the heart, the flower. stars and much more. Codes for copying and pasting, various codes, codes for steam, custom name.

9+ big text fonts
Create compelling text using 9+ large fonts and copy text style and paste into any social networks like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, TechTalk and more.