Smart Quick Settings best Apk

The operation is very easy. Can be adjusted quickly.

Quick Setup Quickly configure smart apps.
Easy operation, quick and easy to configure Android framework.

Smart Smart features fast organizing b

Wi-Fi can be turned on or off.

Mobile data
Mobile data (3G, LTE) can be turned on or off.

Bluetooth can be turned on or off.

GPS can be turned on or off.

PL flight status
The flight mode can be another or flower.

Fig Ranger
The bells can be rung or even rung. (Word or left)

Ib Vibration settings
Viber or sound can be another or flower. (Vibration or sound)

* Turn the screen automatically
Automatic rotating screens or static screens can be turned on or off.

* Automatic screen illumination
The brightness may appear automatically or the screen brightness may appear automatically in September.

Wi-Fi hotspot (teaching)
The portable Wi-Fi hotspot can be turned on or off.

. Language
Easily translated into different languages.

ټه Date and time
You can change the automatic combination with the time server, such as public time, date / time b / h, change.

You can change standalone screen wallpaper or background wallpaper (current)

Battery information
Shows battery charge size and battery temperature. Indicates when the unit is charged, charges the data.

Task management
Android Task Manager is running

Application Application Management
Run Android App Manager

File management
Android File Manager is running



Set status bar


Screen Home Screen Widget

(4X1) Smart Quick Settings – 1
(4X1) Smart Quick Settings – 2
(4X2) Smart Quick Settings – 3 (new)