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Remove object, remove sticker Apk

Remove the object, remove the sticker, remove the text from your image

With this application you can remove unwanted items from photos, you can delete individual, clear object, clear sticker or text of your photo Everything is free!

One of the best apps you can use to remove unwanted content from your photos with your fingertips. This will help you save time with simple, fast, efficient and easy to use image processing.

1. Select a photo from the camera or gallery
2. Select the items you want to delete that contain the red mark
3. Press the operation button and see the magic in your picture

This. Save or share this photo with your friends

Key Features of Object Removal App:
Remove telephone wires, poles and power lines
– Remove cracks and scratches on the surface
– Remove unwanted person

– Eliminate acne and skin washes
– Delete man-made items like stop lights, road signs, trash cans
– Remove unwanted stickers or text, delete titles
– Remove stamps from photos, remove logos from photos

– Remove anything that contaminates your photo.