ReadEra Premium – book reader pdf, epub, word

Red Era Premium – The book allows readers to read books for free in PDF, EPUB, Word (DOC, Docs, RTF), Kindle (MBBI and AZW3), FB2, DJVU, TXT, ODT and CHM bit formats.

30 day money back guarantee!

Premium B Features:

“Prices and reviews” section. All quotes, notes, bookmarks and reviews from all books and documents have been collected in one place. This is a new special feature on the Radra Premium list.

My Fonts You can upload your own font and use it to read books and documents.

See Library. Organize the display of books and documents presented in the library: complete, concise, concise, online. The network is our best!

Offline Chat -no last seen, blue tick for WhatsApp

Color for the price. Extra books Extra color for highlighting quotes or text in books and documents you read. Well thought out and simple algorithm for working with quotes and memories.

Page thumbnails. Template for all book pages – Quick view through a book or document. Find templates for yourself, then try without them!

Great buy:
You have paid one time and you will be able to install Radra Premium on all your devices.
– Data and settings are copied automatically from the free version.
– You support Project Radra.

Basic functions:

Read books in all forms. Readers of books, Red Era, read all popular formats for B, Microsoft Word documents and mobile formats on mobile phones b.

Book manager for your library. Automatic detection of books and documents. For example, all you need to do is download an ebook, a PDF magazine, a Microsoft Word document, or a PDF article from the Internet so that it is readable to the reader. Author and series book classification. Book reading lists: reading, reading, liking.

Group (Book Room) Collector (Book or S) lets you create personalized thematic groups. Books and documents can be grouped together at the same time.

Navigate through the book. Save the current reading page. Quick access to table of contents, bookmarks, prices, notes and other e-book options. Transfer the book with the template, progress line or digital marker.

PixelLab Fonts | Stylish Fonts

Reading settings. Color conditions when reading books: day, night, sepia, console. Set screen position, light and adjust page edges, including PDF and DJVU files. For iPhone, size, adventure, line spacing, hypertension, ipub, fb2, kindle (mobi, azw3), bammet, Microsoft Word, TXT and ODT files, usually PDF and DJVU options when reading PDF and DJVU.

Rate notes and notes in books and documents with color text Add personal notes to selected text.

The economic use of memory. Readers do not copy books and documents in their stores. Detects duplicate files and saves bookmarks, quotes, notes and current reading pages, even when files are moved or deleted. For example, even if you delete the files and then download the books, you can still read the book on the last page you read.

Document status. The book allows readers to read multiple books and documents at the same time. For example, you can read e-books and PDF magazines at the same time by placing them on the device’s screen in standby screen mode (two windows). Or read Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, e-books and movie books and switch between them via the “Active Apps” system button.

Red Era Premium – Best app for reading Apple, PDF, Mobi, AZW3, FB2, Microsoft Word (DOC, Docs, RTF), ODT documents, Android PDF Viewer.

Read books easily and for free with Red Era Premium!