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NBA Ball Stars: Play with your Favorite NBA Stars New Best App 2021

NBA Ball combines mini-boring puzzle games with Star League Superstar players, fast action and amazing skill. Take charge of the NBA team, create custom lineups and strengthen your roster as you win championships. Puzzle success strengthens players, improves attack and defense skills, and opens up signature movements. Quick, clever and accessible NBA ball stars count every moment and count every step.

NBA Ball Stars: Play with your Favorite NBA Stars

Collect a huge roster of NBA superstars
Gian Antitocompo, James Hardden, Steve Katrina and many more and the NBA Giants are ready to join your team!
Improve their attack / defense ability
Take the big signature step

Develop and manage your favorite team
Player strategy Ideal lineup based on player skill set
Use the formation system to bring the best team to the team court

Challenge and puzzle game research
Improve a player’s attack / defense ability by resisting a win
Ajal Puzzle successfully charges players skill for thin bites, quick brakes, steels and much more.
Create amazing board cleaning effects to bring home success

Competitive and social
The players challenge the team of real players
Get rare prizes
Go to the leaderboard and get the trophies