Mobile background video recorder Best Apk Download

Background Video Recorder (BVR) is a camera app that usually helps you record video in background mode with shutter sound and camera preview / inactive option. With many useful functions such as recording when the screen is off or setting a date for recording. Easy to use app with one click video recorder shortcut (instant recording). Support for more than 50 languages.

Mobile background video recorder Best Apk

Main Features:
Limited number of video recordings.
No shutter sound.
Entry with preview without preview (as you manage).
SD card in video card recording (external SD card)
A link to start / stop recording
Support video location
Telephones can be recorded during the year.

Turn off the screen and continue recording in the background.
Supports front and rear cameras.
★ Full HD video recording (1920×1080).
The camera is easy to adjust the camera duration and video quality.
Notification alert, disable, screen message when recording start / stop.
Check free storage space before registering.

Easy to open folder containing recorded video clips.
Pass the application with the passcode lock.

All requests and requests related to the application process as well as many other questions can be sent to the support team via the following email.

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