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How to mine Bitcoin at home?

Everyone wants to earn money without doing struggle, in youth it’s a new and common trend bitcoin and cryptocurrency, wants to earn digitally, fed up by investing money on the stoke and exchange, wants an earning source that is free from the text and influence of any government, wants to get crypto coin, do not wats to join any office for earn livelihood also you are believe in struggle and dedication.

Needs an earning source that helps to earn money with any influence of office or any state, and wants to become all and one command in your life. These all things are possible though bitcoin.

As it is mention earlier bitcoin is the kind of crypto money that is totally different with money that have the influence of the state. It is a digital currency that you convert into the states currency if it is legal in your country. By using ATM, you can even withdraw. Unfortunately, crypto currency is banned in many states that includes China, Bangladesh, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Bolivia and Qatar.

There are many ways to earn bitcoin and crypto currency that includes crypto Investing, crypto currency game, crypto Trading, crypto Staking and Lending, Crypto Social Media, crypto Mining, crypto Airdrops, and Forks.

Crypto mining is the way through which you can earn cryptocurrency at home. This earning technique needs a lot of effort and struggle. For this purpose, just have to install huge computers have installed and operating them manually. For the operation of such huge computers, you have needs proper training.

Crypto mining is not impossible for at home base. As it is mentioned above needs proper training. If you have a computer at home along with a graphics card. But the main objection is that in particular not further used for gaming. Many software is available in the market Awesome (my Users looking for centralized management of their mining activity), BFGMiner (Advanced users who want to customize the mining process), Multi Miner (Beginners looking for an easy-to-use mining software).

A personal computer with a graphic card generally mines crypto when you are not using it, like when you are away at work or sleeping. With a normal personal computer, this could generate anywhere from less than a penny to around a dollar a day on the high endd ($0.0001 – $1 USD). If you are a gamer with a fast GPU-powered PC, you could generate $1 – $10 a day, or maybe more.

Software for home base crypto mining

Tool Nam is Best for mining

SHAMINING (easy for calculation)

ECOS ( Best for legit and transparent service)

GMINERS for medium investors


Shamining software is available for beginner and as well as for the professionals Prices per GH/s start from $ 0.0109 (further depending on the miner option) that offers easy calculations, offers real time statistics, capable for any optimizing search engine, remote account management.

GMINERS for medium investors

This incredible software is available for investor that have medium range on investment amount as well as this is available who have heavy investment money. This software is best for the person who just started the crypto mining. Because it is offers set by set mining details. Offers different payment methods are available, you do not have to need to stuck on the one specific device. You can operate with any device that’s you want.


ECOS is the best transference platform that is available and also offers one-month free mining for new comers. This incredible software offers minimum price for a mining contract is $49 and also offers minimum amount withdraw 0.001 BTC and the wide range of contracts are also available.