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How to Get advertising revenue from your blog or YouTube channel

Make money from your cat videos. You might be able to earn money from advertising if your blog entries or YouTube videos have a large following. The minimum requirement for joining the YouTube Partner Programme is 1,000 subscribers. Then, YouTube Partners have access to monetizing tools like ad revenue sharing. For additional income potential, you can use Google’s AdSense, the same ad platform used on YouTube, to place pertinent advertising on your blog or website.

You will notice that there are some adverts at the beginning of every video on the YouTube channel. You must watch these for around 5 seconds before skipping through them. However, the advertisement can still leave its mark in this brief window of time, which can help the company grow.

In order to show what you want to offer through these videos on your YouTube channel, you must include short advertising at the beginning and finish of the videos. However, these commercials cannot significantly disrupt the rest of the video. Before applying for YouTube partner programmes, creators are required to have 1000 subscribers.

How to get started on Blogs?

It’s crucial to comprehend the basic ideas of running a blog before you get started.

Select an adequate niche. If you choose a niche, make sure it is larger than “vegan Caribbean recipes” but smaller than “nutrition.”

Don’t rely just on one platform. You should utilise WordPress as your blogging platform, as I’m sure I’ve already told you, but that shouldn’t be the end of it. Why not utilise LinkedIn, Medium, and Tumblr as well?

in charge of your fate. To effectively manage traffic to your site, post frequently and always provide a link back to it.

Writing a blog is about both “you” and “I.” Readers are interested in stories. They want to participate in the discussion, and the simplest way to do so is to say “you.”

You must be distinctive. You must exert extra effort.

Your writing must be digestible and portable. Making your material portable, for instance, may be done easily by producing audio or video content (podcasts).

Unless it is good, content is not king. Writing subpar material is insufficient. You will only be wasting your time and it won’t succeed. Therefore, unless it is really, really, really fantastic, avoid writing content.

Both quantity and quality must be produced. You must be prepared to provide outstanding content if you want to improve your chances of success.

Viral content loses to useful content. Focus on developing helpful content rather than viral material, which you have a less than 1% chance of producing. Since useful material is frequently evergreen, it can produce consistent traffic over time.

Building a personal blog is simpler than one for a business. individuals are more likely to connect with other individuals than they are with corporate brands

Lacking a community, a blog cannot function. Conversations are what blogging is all about. However, there can be no dialogue without readers and a community.

None of us are an island. Make sure you reply to every single remark. Make sure to react to comments on your social media sites as well as those on your blog.

All of your cards must be shown.

The key to success is consistency. Start a blog only if you are prepared to post regularly. Not only for a few weeks or months, but for at least three years.

Never rely just on one traffic channel. You must adopt an omnichannel strategy in which you use every channel that is practical and effective for your niche.

Adapt and Improve Your WordPress Blog

On a WordPress blog, you have countless customization options. We’ll focus on the fundamentals only.

The fundamental features of your design are contained in the themes. Additionally, WordPress offers plugins that can significantly increase or extend your blog’s capabilities.

WordPress plugins may be used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing a website’s security and efficiency, adding contact forms or e-commerce capabilities, or optimising your content for search engine optimisation.

The “Customise” button on your active theme must be clicked first.