Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer Apk

Use Wani Don’t make incoming calls to your users.
Say “Haya”.
Not Bell
Loudspeaker Speaker Answer the alarm in phone speaker mode.
Say “SMS” to send a reply reply message.

Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer

You can customize your point name.
Such as – Hey, I am life, division, chapana, hola etc.

You have yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours, yours

With voice caller name voice husband, you can reject or answer less.

Get your service up and running the fastest ever.

Choose your favorite theme or live wallpaper Choose your own.
This is the day of the farm and you said!
The next time your phone rings just play the ringtone (caller name) to say “hi”.

Now turn on your smart device screen while talking on the phone. You meet to share unique screens with the progress of the conversation.
Browse the web, read articles, hope and share contacts.
Make your voicemail your screen and share discount photos, videos, apps and e-commerce sites. , Link or use some sharing method. Friends with friends of your friends

Protect our caller ID from spam operational phone calls.
Caller ID – Show pictures of call blocking to unknown or independent callers You can update the blockchain location station spam cult database. Don’t know about hourly spam.

Will be clear and concise.
The application always gives all the instructions for instructions to do the general work.

You set changes to accept, reject or speaker points
Enjoy and rejoice

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