First Day in Pakistan My | (Hospitality)

Hello friend, I am in Pakistan, this is my first day. I am here in Islamabad and I go to Jinnah supermarket.

Not a supermarket. And I want to buy some Pakistani clothes, basically, because I want to keep them with me wherever I go. And that’s not how I put it together. But this is very important now because … today there are demonstrations against the French government in Rawalpindi and therefore its stability is very important.

First Day in Pakistan My | (Hospitality)

There are more than a thousand escorts here in Islamabad. Islamabad has been sealed. They are obstructing protests in Islamabad. And the networks are down. So i go They literally shut down the whole network. So, there is 4G data or nothing. Tourists have back pain. Now, Islamabad is like South Delhi. If it is not clear. There are no animals on the road and it is planned.

Like Chandigarh, it is planned, except for Islamabad, where New Delhi has luxury and wealth. So, it is a kind of crossing between South Delhi, New Delhi and Chandigarh. And it’s a really beautiful city. Really beautiful. It surprised me, in fact, the first time I came here. I had been there once before, once before and I was amazed at its beauty.

On the other hand, the two cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, have more in common with New Delhi than Old Delhi. Rawalpindi is an old part of Islamabad and the old city is basically Old Delhi. And from there the protest comes seven kilometers away. Quite different from the capital Islamabad, Islamabad is the most expensive city in Pakistan. My palace here and everywhere is clearly incredible. This is a sweet supermarket that we are here for.

Clearly, it is named after the founder of Pakistan. It is directly reminiscent of Khan Market which, being the same, goes everywhere and there are lots of shopping queues. It made me a GK layout in Delhi. You know, it’s a kind of love and food from all around these stores. And yes, this is a foreign market. That’s good. I do this and nowhere in Pakistan like mall, airport or anything big, there is always a mosque there now I feel like tea and it is a kind of tea, I am in Quetta Singapore.

And what I like about this chef is that I can even check his sauce to make sure it tastes good. So, you know that would be great. So, the tea is amazing. My God. Just look at it Just look at this great color of tea and you can see that it is creamy and it is very creamy. My taste for sugar in food is very creamy, but tea is as good as it can take care of. And.

Man knows what he is doing. The real tea maker that I have seen here is one thing that shoe polish is actually softer than in India. You know, he came in and gently asked you if he could hold his shoes for polishing. So come back now and it’s going well, really going well. There is not much here because you know that tourism in Pakistan is low so there is no fraud.

So I’m here just to travel and eat. These are my friends. He doesn’t want to get involved. These are my friends I talk to and they say they don’t really go for money, they say I’m jealous. I really hate it as their guest because I want to receive wages and pay for things. But. And therefore. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Well, you can see that the people here have very good intentions from the locals who come to me and congratulate me and you know that I am not being paid.

O people! I’m not sure there is good hospitality here. I need to find some clothes right now. Where can you find the traditional dress of the sweet Pakistani quarter? Well, I met some people there and they told me that what I wanted was not a dirty shirt. So, this is where we will find Salar and he will tell me where to go. Look, it ends in this corner. And I call them theists (thanks in Hindi) and they say “Ah!” like it. “This is Pakistan. Thank you.” Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


In India, however, he succeeded. So, this salar shirt and you will see that the clothes we wear in India are different. You have the bottom edge. You have, I don’t know, buttons here and so does your collar. Yes, this is a Pakistani shopkeeper. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Pakistani style is perfect! This is what I want to buy. So, I have this green and I don’t know anything about it … I want a lighter blue than that. So, I guess I’m buying this yellow right now, it’s also a very Pakistani color. This is the first flag color

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