File Synchronization Services Apk Download

Cloud synchronization between different clouds / protocols and using the best file manager / file explorer. ★★

File Synchronization Services

Now you can sync over 100 different clouds! And that’s not all, with the most extensive file manager I’ve ever seen, including MultiCloud support.

How to set up sync:
1. Add the required remote accounts within the application
2. Add the sync profile and set left and right
3. Customize all settings, save and run!

Adjust jobs
– More than 100 different cloud syncs
– Add / Remove / Start / Stop / Condition / Roll Notification
– Built-in advanced file manager
– Use PHP Script / MySQL Manager / Server 2 support
– One-way or two-way synchronization
Tasker / Local / Lala Extension (Work, Status and Event Plugin)
– Plus!

Topics of different topics! ★★

File manager features
– Use multiple file orcs from the file manager on the HD tablet / screen device
– Upload modified file automatically
– Create multiple sessions for the file manager
– Copy, paste, cut, move, copy, etc.
– Send, share and email
Zip / unzip files (zip / unzip)
– Name, Properties, Open, Like Open, Edit, Edit
– Hidden files, multiple selections, classification, server status, manual change
– Plus!

Highly sync application! ★★

Extra work
– SSH Client
– Station / Shell
– Applications
– Operation
– Root Explorer
– Support write to Android 5.0+ SD card (Lollipop)
– Supports Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow) permissions

Compatible protocol
– Email Client (POP3 / IMAP)
FTP Client / FTPFXP Client
– FTPES client (transparent SSL / TLS)
– FTPS client (side SSL / TLS)
– Agent Joffer
– NFS client
– Swift client for storing open stack objects
– PHP client program
PHP MySQL Client
– S3 Client
– SCP (Backup Protocol) Client
– SFTP Client (SSH File Transfer)
– SMB Client / Simba Client / CIFS Client / Windows Shared Client
– Battery customer
– TFTP Client (Small File Transfer Protocol)
– Web Dow Client (HTTP / HTTPS)
Shellware file sync service is an Android setup app that monitors the camera and downloads folders for new files. When new files are detected, they are automatically uploaded to the FTP server, indicating important service activity.

This app uses special software ( to perform very few functions. This library has been used without modification, and every effort has been made to comply with existing Apache 2.0 licenses.

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