Edge Lighting Colors – Round Colors Galaxy App

Edge Lighting has an advanced user interface to use for any Android phone application and makes your mobile screen look perfect with stunning brightness.
This app does not consume much battery and adds smooth and beautiful rounded corners to your screen.

Edge Lighting Colors – Round Colors Galaxy App

Lamp lighting provides a number of settings that allow you to change the color, red and background of the lamp:
-> Can be configured with many types of screens: Infinity U, Infinity V, Disk Display, Infinity and …
-> Edge light color
-> The light display
-> Customize the effect: heart, point, …
-> Living Wallpaper.

-> Allows you to customize on all devices: Galaxy S10, Plus, Note 10, …
B lighting features B:

1. Adjust the edge of the multicolor screen in the live wallpaper.
.. Adjust the width and width of your environment.
3. Adjust the thickness of the border light screen.
.. Adjust the angle curve according to your phone’s screen.
5. Adjust the drain layout according to the size of your device.
Lots. Available in many great sizes and frame and border colors.
7. Arrange your photo like a wallpaper on the screen like a lamp.
8. Illumination scale regulator with border style at variance option.

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