Easy Backup – Contacts Transfer and Restore App

Easy and fastest access to your incredible companies, retrieval and location access among Easy Bakakal Hall’s mobile devices! ⭐

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Rafat Rafat Rafat – You can send a Baculus .vcf file to a data email from a young girl’s book!
✔️ You don’t have a Bollywood record M: Hoa: Hoa Draw Draw!
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Easy Backup – Contacts Transfer and Restore

It is


1. Download Easy Desperate on your phone
2. We just created a time with tests, Facebook or Google details.
3. National
4. Press the big “Desperate Now” button
5. Time! Your places are our cloud restaurants


1. Download easy amounts to your other devices
2. If you switch to the iPhone – use simple desperation for simple icons
3. Log in to the account for the first time
4. Click on “My Backs” at the bottom of the screen
5. Now you have access to all the Cloud Desperate in your address book!

Voice Dialer New Best Mobile App


1. Usually, you have to recover that accountability
2. Click “Click Download”
3. Press “Serve” and select Sort All No need to restore
4. Click “Restore Contacts”
5. Time! Your life has been restored!

Contacts Import / Export Your Homes:

1. Go to my home school
2. You position that status club
3. Select from all sorted lists
4. Send the VCIF file Click on “Email”. There are a few you can upload to your kids

5. You go to another device, open VCF Fafun and update the city
Easy. Not easy

💡 Key features

Contacts Click to view your biography!
Just submit your book position among the comfortable little girls devices!
The office is offline. Email a file to your back.
Simple Recovery – Simply tap to view .vcf file on any Android or iPhone mail client.
Save the file in this box to an unmodified computer.
V VCF (Visard) such as the Bacula fly.


Export to your Quick Youth Dropbox, Google Draw and SD card
Accounts outsourced location passwords (Google, Exchange, Gmail, address book)
A: Sadar lawn all year round
Yours is never your stick anymore

Easy Byculla Contact any type of department: Google, Exchange, Xui, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, iCloud Wood Outlook.

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