download telda apk for android | best telda App

Send, exchange and save money

Pay anywhere. Pay by everyone.

Tilda is the easiest and fastest way to send, spend and save money. It is a safe, fast and free banking app.

download telda apk for android | best telda App

This is what it looks like *

Download and subscribe to Delida right from your phone in minutes – no long lines, no paperwork, no clutter.

There are no hidden fees. Yes, it’s true – maintenance costs, insufficient budgeting fees, and no minimum account balance.

Deposit funds into your account using any debit / credit card through ATMs or many other cash terminals.

* Send and receive money instantly *

Get money from friends and family, order it, and instantly with a few clicks at no cost. Tilda is the easiest way to get a friend back for a meal or split the rent with your partner.

* Get a free MasterCard, and get international recognition *

Order your Tilda Card (Matt Black MasterCard) directly from the app for free. You will be able to make online purchases, in-store purchases, or offline payments.

* Better manage your expenses *

Not sure where all your money is going? Learn how to manage your expenses, divide your transactions into smart subcategories, and gain insight into your financial habits. Get instant notifications about all account activity so you know what’s happening to your account 24/7.

* Privacy and Security *

Secure all your payments with a passcode or fingerprint. Stop spending one click on your tilde card if you put it down. All of your information is safe. By law and under the regulations of the Central Bank of Egypt, your money is protected by licensed banks.



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