Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker Apk Download

Clock Vault (Secret Photo Video Locker) is the best private protection app to protect your health and hide personal photos, videos and other file attachments so you don’t see the latest ones on your bird easily.

Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker

This app is essential to protect your character from the way you hide all files and tools with word review!
You can easily manage folders, albums, galleries, texts, and prints.

Acceptance at the table:

Hide pictures: Do not hide pictures in private vault to make it easy to view private pictures using private photo locker.

Hide Videos: Do not hide private media with special facilities in a private vault that depends on displaying private pictures using the private video vault.

Robust app lock: lock the program, screen, admin, contact, web bar, or any other app at your discretion. You can also lock WiFi and Bluetooth and update functionality.

Protect Safe Users: You can hire Safe Safe to unlock your secret door and lock your application.

Being hidden / shifted code: Replace the watch clock with other secrets like Vault Calculator, Kina, Music and Calculator Lock, Vault Calculator and what to hide because Vault is the best.

Invention Warning: Means Attack From Another Person About Having Applications Behind You. You can view and save Snooper photos from Gallery Vault.

The word “review” and “protection” (the corporate treasury): the system for completing the treasury and expressing the content of the content at the time of entering the word “review” and “protection” to protect the actual supply.

Personal submission (hidden page): Does not follow personal web page to download images and intercept video and audio from internet.

Va Video Creator: Inbuilt real video player for watching video.

Mes Themes Applock: Select a variety of apps from app lock locks to beautify the private lock lock, and only one screen image will be installed behind the lock screen.

Easy to move: You can easily return to the back of the screen from within Gallery Lock in the right-to-right transfer method, just like moving on an iPhone.

• Beautiful Decision: User experience for the series and method.


– Implementation of the application from the last application.
– Time closes from the time it is repaired before the children or the poor.
Easy file management system. (Write, write, rename, write volumes, etc.)
– Configure the lock for protective lock to lock the private app.
– Hide hidden files directly from shared options view. Share the Moment of the Day video from private photo slideshows to Locker.

How to use Time Lock?
The first mistake: stop working your treasury watch and focus on the average.
Scroll 2: Moving the hand for hours and minutes Hold the word as it is going by the required time and press Medium.
Manuscript 3: Do not use the word revision to emphasize now.

Important: There is no precedent for confirming this app before using personal files, and it is not for eternity.

This application is used with permission from the ship operator.
Clock Vault requires permission from the ship launcher to prevent Snoopers from blocking installation, this app does not use this authorization without completely blocking installation prohibited.

This app uses receipts for service.
Receipt of Requirement Services to Timer Vault for Power Saver License users and employee consent to lock apps.

———– Education ———–

What to do if you do not have a private password?
– Launch the clock vault and tap the middle clock. Set 10:10 on how to use the nearest hours and minutes and set the average time to the next. The Saudis are ready to use this word.

Do you store hidden files on the Internet?
No. You can only store files on your ship, so you need to take precautions against all hidden files before moving them to a new plane or restoring them.

Is it possible to submit an affidavit after completing this application?
Once you confirm implementation, you will not be able to apply. Referring to “Uninstall Security” from application data prevents a special application from being installed.


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