Candy Camera – selfie New App

People are curious about their mobile camera. Wherever they go they want to have picture of that place and their own picture. So people a camera app that has many effects and make their picture beautiful. They want such app that help them and has many effects. We have searched for them many app but we didn’t find the app that has to fulfill their wishes but at last we find and app that will solve yours this problem in a second.

So after a lot of search we conclude that candy camera is the best and perfect in selfie. This camera is best in many aspects then the other camera. Camera matters a lot now as people use this in many places and more importantly the graphics of picture matters. So where people see best camera they will ask you to take their picture. If you have this app in your mobile you do not need to worry as this candy camera is the best app.

You can take picture in filter mode and make it beautiful with its effects. Almost one million use it daily to take picture from it as it has filters which contain some beautiful mode. You can swipe to change the filter. It has frames and many more effects that will help you to take picture and upload on any platforms with different effects. Beside filters it has many more effects as whitening, cleaning, slimming and lipstick and etc. it has many effect that will see as you take picture from DLSR and you don’t need high class camera this app will make common camera as high class camera.

  • It is selfie camera.
  • It has many filters.
  • It has beautifying effects.
  • It is rated as 4.3.
  • It has 3.51 reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 100 million people.

People gives review and recommend it to other as well. We are also recommending this app because it has many features that help the people to take the best picture. It is rated as 4.3 stars and people give 3.5 million people. It is downloaded by 100 million people. It has a great result that’s why it is liked by most of the people.


You need to open play store in your mobile and download this app from it. It is easy to install and use it. You just open it and you will see that selfie camera is open and take picture from it. If you want to use its effect you have to swipe the screen and see different effects. You can beautify the picture by editing it and use different effects.


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