CamFind | New android app CamFind Apk

Camfond – via Image Recognition API

Exploring the physical world

The world’s first successful mobile visual search engine camfund allows you to search everything on your mobile device with just one image.

CamFind | New android app CamFind Apk

More than 3 million users love Camp Finder!

* Internet search results
* Related / Similar Photos and Videos
* Compare prices and buy online
* Ask questions and get answers about everything
* Local search results with Uber and Lift synchronized
* Social and participation formation
* Visual notes
* Instant sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email, and text

Additional activities
* Ability to record camera or upload and save photos
* QR and bar code scanner
* Translator
* Voice search
* Search for text
* Compatible with audio
* And more

Download Camp Finder now for a unique mobile search experience.

As seen
* Time
* Forbes
Corniche Tech
* Venture bit
* USA Today
* A company
* Live hacker
* Generation Mac
* And many more;

About the company
CloudSite, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based technology company that specializes in vision and knowledge. CloudSite brings the best and most advanced image recognition solutions for people and companies around the world.


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