Call Recorder – Cube ACR

You need to have records with whom you talked when you talked. You need to have recorder in your smart phone. If you want to listen the calls from the past you must have cube ACR in your mobile. This will help you to record your conversation with other and whenever you need you just to go to the file and take the recorded call you need.

This app has good reviews from the people. The people who use it they recommending this app as the best one. So if you didn’t get satisfactory result from other app you need to install cube ACR which is satisfactory and get 4.1 stars in Google play store. That is very good for any app to get 4 stars.


  • Download it from paly store
  • Install it in your device
  • Record the incoming and outgoing calls
  • Keep the record until you want


  • Save all call in smart phone
  • Smoothly work
  • Easy to use

This app is very easy to use and is better than the other because it work smoothly and keeps the record until you delete it. Do install this app it will satisfied you with its performance. You never use than the other app for call recording. It work properly and is keep updated every time.


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