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Hyde X, Gallery Vault Calculator Lock app, photo and video calculator for Gallery Photo Lock, can be understood as locking a gallery video by anyone without a video lock in the back of the math calculator

Calculator Lock – Video Lock & Photo Vault – HideX Apk

Description As Accountant, Hidex Gallery Vault and Video Lock is an exciting free video gallery vault to lock your personal information and media files, lock photo gallery, sound protector, and privacy.

Hyde X provides personal browsing and personal downloads that allow you to search for any videos or images and view them in any personal browser. Just one click download and the video / photo will be downloaded and saved directly in Hidex.

Install Privacy Lock and Calculator Gallery Vault now so that no one can see your hidden folders or privacy files on their own. You can create your own photo galleries and media galleries, manage privacy folders or photo and video albums, lock videos and hide pictures from system galleries, others are just installed on your phone while watching the usual calculator.

Clear features-

Gallery Vault Lock: discover photos and videos for yourself automatically
– Privacy Lock: Lock Photos and Videos in Gallery Vault, Photo Album
– Gallery Vault Calculator: Launch the home screen as a calculator
– Sort files or folders and sort hidden pictures and videos in Gallery Vault Lock
– Personal photo viewer, built-in video player
– Personal browser site for personal and safe viewing
– Large media storage to lock videos and hide photos in HXX Gallery Vault Pro.
Camouflage conIcon
– Calculator video lock, calculator image vault, nobody knows your body
– Lock photos and videos in Private Gallery can only be viewed using the correct identification number that you specified for the personal calculator gallery vault
Provides all systematic and scientific calculator functions to change gallery safe photo / video lock


Hide pictures and hide pictures
– Hide pictures in the hidden photo store from the system gallery
– Find hidden pictures in a safe place
– Multiple image formats support: jpg, png, gif and more
Perfect video lock and media safe
– Keep others away from personal videos and movies in a secure video vault
– Import unlimited hidden folders and files

Multiple wallets and fake wallets
– Create multiple gallery lockers with different passwords to store photos and videos.
– Organize a fake calculator in Gallery Vault
Associate the privacy Securely surf the web with your browser
– Privacy mode Akronit for browsers
– Blu-ray internet browser history cleaner for privacy
Media manages efficient media coffers
Organize and organize encrypted private files

– It is easy to find, rename and delete pictures and videos in Hidden Gallery Vault
rebreak – notification
– Turn on alerts and take photos in case the gallery fails to open
Ask anyone trying to infiltrate your privacy
—- Frequently asked questions —-
Q: How do you use HydeX – Best Hidden Account Video Vault?
A: Launch Calculator Gallery Vault to access the math calculator.
Set a password in the calculator panel and click “=” to confirm your password.
Note: Remember to allow access to your privacy-protected photos, media, and files.

Q: What if I forget my password?

Please enter “11223344 =” to confirm your security question and reset your password. If you still have trouble logging in, please provide your correct email address and our support team will contact you within 12 hours.
Q: What if I lose my files?
A “Please go to” Configure “to scan your files and log in to” Missing files ”

Hide X is the best privacy protection app to hide pictures and videos. Feel free to use this amazing Video Vault & Photo Vault calculator now!
We focus on professional privacy protection and dedicate our efforts to provide the most advanced video captions and photo lockers to protect your privacy!

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