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The underscore is a free application and translation request.

The U Dictionary already has an official dictionary of Oxford in 12 languages!

Offline Sense Sense already exists! Enjoy offline translation in 58 languages.

The Under Dictionary contains 44 pre-formed phrases, Collins’s modern words, words, binary articles, sample phrases, synonyms, texts, words, and more. Yo Dictionary also provides English essays, games and quizzes that will help strengthen your English.

Not only is the English dictionary an English dictionary, but it is also a powerful translator for many languages. We cater to your translation needs such as reading, working and traveling abroad. Underword is more than a dictionary!

Under Dictionary Features:
Oxford Official Dictionary: See dictionaries in 12 international Oxford languages including 7 international languages. Learn English with lots of complimentary examples and examples!
Magic Translation: Translation in every application with Magic Translation Ball. Talk without limits
Text translation: translate from 108 into two languages.
Camera Translation: Text button for translating text with text. He understands 12 languages.
Copy to translate: When researching, posting or reading, copy every word or phrase in an instantaneous sense.
Word lock screen: On the lock screen, the words you select appear offline by entering the log box.
Quick translation: find the meaning in the notification bar without opening those words.
My tips: save important points in different folders. Deposits and Drains
Preferred English pronunciation: Emphasis on native English (English) and United States (US). Listen and learn
Sample Text: Collections from popular international news sites, such as the BBC and NPR.
Show 14 languages: Now you can read in your native language.
Word Games: Find Hajo and Hajo Recipes. Play and learn
Funny Videos: Spend your free time learning English in an easy and fun way.

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