best fingerprint app lock | best app lock for android 2020

Lock application and fingerprint application: Intruder killers, advanced security lock screen, fingerprint lock application for apps that make your phone completely safe and secure.

The Quick Photo app tries to delete incorrect passwords, patterns or fingerprints and sends you an email with a photo and description.

The Fingerprint App supports lock on all Android-branded devices and Marshmallow phones, and if you don’t, the Finger Simulator supports App Lock support for phones. Manage. Run a simulator from the settings and you can do the same with your fingerprint or your locked app or pin.

Download system apps, social apps, your personal gallery, and downloaded apps and games.
Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth variables control.
Open the tip with a pin, pattern or fingerprint.
★ Selfie Log is supported. AppLock detects people writing inaccurate information, patterns or traces.
Send home page notification and photos to the email address specified in the setting.
★ Core Closes the false app lock dialog when you open lock applications and allows you to open manually.
With the help of sound and vibration effects.
Protection supports a power lock option for another user.
No need to remember a pin or pattern, you can instantly unlock your device’s fingerprint.
Automatic color for lock screen applications and system applications

Tired of typing passwords and using templates every time you open apps? Now close yourself with the latest fingerprint equipment. Take advantage of this latest download with its beautiful model and great features. You need to search for applications to open only your personal and social applications. Attackers attempting to violate security will be arrested immediately with self-arrest and secure internal application.

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