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One of Google’s best caller IDs and one of the 100 million spam prevention tools used.

Recognized worldwide by Caller ID and Call Blocker app by low-end users and tech magazines. The Applet of the Year is a free caller app trusted by 85 million users to turn off spam calls and identify the real caller.

All Call Recorder 2021 – Auto Call Recording

Litter Caller – Find out who is calling using the caller ID and block unwanted messages.

Block Call Blocker – Block calls that are unsolicited calls, automatic calls, or unknown numbers from sales and telemarketers. Find out who blocked or blocked unwanted alarm calls.

Video Ringtones – Connect your next ringtone to the video. Display videos as ringtone.

Analytics – The first application to provide analytics for your phone calls. Analyze your ringing periods, incoming and outgoing calls, the people you talk to the most, how useless you get, and much more!

Application Applet + – Recognizes incoming calls from messaging applications (WhatsApp) and SMS. Ring locations provide phone identification in one place.

ia Dialer and contacts. The app of the year is a dialer and contact app that comes with an updated contact book.

Automatic Year Call Recorder – Call recording is easy! Record incoming and outgoing phone calls! Call recording can be used on any Android phone.

For those who want more privacy than your phones, we now offer the Secret B feature! Privacy gives you privacy for all your calls, whether for work or personal use.

With the ringtone app, you can block spam calls, phone numbers and contacts from your phone book or dialer. Blacklist the phone number and you will never receive automatic calls from unknown callers! To blacklist spam numbers find the phone number you want to block.

We do not sell or share data with any third party applications and / or organizations. We don’t even know your location.

Update the app year by year and enjoy the premium features:
– No ads
– WhatsApp caller ID
– Video colors
– Store items (topics, skins, etc.





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