Best $500 Youtuber Camera in 2020? Canon M50 vs Panasonic Lumix G7

What’s going on? Happy holidays are over, and everyone has already forgotten their advice.

And that’s it. So, let it stand behind us.

Best $500 Youtuber Camera in 2020? Canon M50 vs Panasonic Lumix G7

Exciting video today. He plays some things. I know your guys have a lot of questions about the Panasonic G7 and Canon M50 because both are slipping in the 500 Edge range. And they are cameras without pictures. They are very capable too. 4K, car focus, pultout screen. None of this is unnecessarily new. But so far, since the start of this year in 2019, there seem to be the best cameras out of 500.

They are both great cameras. So, I don’t think you can go wrong wi th anyone. But we will know which one differs slightly from the other. Also, we got a speed booster to test these two cameras. Interestingly, the speed boosters have been in the partial fourth quarter for some time. But they are now launching the EOS M lens, which uses the Canon M50.

And this is not all. I prefer my favorite casual seller (laughs) What kind of person am I? Because this video is produced by Skillshire. But you know what that means. At the end of the video we’re doing a cheap job. So go ahead, and the winner is random. Winners will decide if they want a free Canon M50 camera and a free Panasonic Lumix G77 camera, but both cameras are currently controlled at an ISO 200 4.5.4 shutter speed that stops 1 1/60 white balance per day. Both are outside the box.

Straight and perfect color profile, nothing is perfect. I was amazed at the look of the camera. Especially in the studio we test the environment as much as possible. We are still 4K. Now, I get some direct sunshine to wash my face. And just like exploration, I try not to exaggerate. My eyes are small. Don’t worry about it, I know you think a little bit about racism and I don’t even think I think the big difference is really in the flip of high light. You can see that when the camera looks a little different, for example, if you look at the light that shines on my cheeks and similar things, it is very different between the two cameras. Give it to me. I am now completely in the shadows. I have this camera now so I can use it as a microphone. Hey, I can stand in my way here and still hear because I’m using the audio from that place and I can take pictures with these two cameras. it’s complicated.

This can be a really nice test of a dynamic range because I’m in the shade and now I’m in the sun. Well now we’re in the shadows and I’m being honest with you, so I thought about this video. Like, I’m talking about aspects of Reddy’s Panasonic color. But it looks very close to seeing. I can see some shots with the dog. It takes a few people to see and a little yellow to see. However, it exceeded my expectations. 4K resolution is really cool in both cameras. Let’s see what HD looks like. So far two HD cameras have been recorded. Let’s see if the value is increasing. So make sure I never take the dog-pop move. I specialize in dog walking. If my dog needs to take a step up, I can suddenly find it step by step. We got these two cameras in the primary lens, around 2.8 frames, and both are around 50mm. So it is a little deeper than the ground. We have a lot of crystals in the background, which will decorate it automatically. So, we are testing it. Again, this may mean that you have to spend for these operations. And if we wanted the sonic camera to capture two numbers, it would look like this here so it looks like a theoretical camera now. It is an inner voice. Hence, internal audio is not recommended.

However, sometimes you have to be very different from the help you give someone else. Both of these screens make me focus and ignore. Difficult. Because remember that these two cameras are 4K resolution. And none of that has 4K autofocus. The Canon M50 has dual pixel autofocus, which makes it one of the best autofocus I have used so far but it works in HD once, once converted to 4K. A lot has happened since then. More predictable and less reliable. The Panasonic G7 also has autofocus. But once we get to 4K, it gets noticeably slower and that’s really bad. So I’ll be more informative and see which one is a little more frequent. Again, this may mean that you have to spend for these operations. Then we have to try this teaser in high definition. But when I was walking around; You guys don’t try to understand what a camera is and I’m also going to tell you about our care and our shared skills today.

You now know that when you learn a new skill, hobby, or something, you usually go to YouTube and only watch short lessons. You have a lot of jacks like me, like the pressure going up and I really don’t know what I’m talking about men. This confession is a crime. I really have no idea what to say. where am I? In terms of sharing skills, you will, of course, get a long form that gives you the beginning to master a particular skill. And there are a lot of them.

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