best 3 App | FV-5 camera app for android in 2020

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices with a handheld controller such as a DSLR. Designed for passionate and professional photographers, this camera application gives you great photos that you can later use to get great results. The only limit is imagination and creativity!

The main functions are:

All image settings are customizable and always available: compensation charging, ISO, speedometer, focus mode, white balance and brand status.
DS View DSLR-like Visual Vision: Time display, aperture, and stop viewing in real-time with EV and bracket adjustments!
High-range bracket: 3 to 7 frames, with unlimited intervals, without EV sliding.
year Internal Interval: Make interesting times (even friends / HDR) and manage your time.
● Market status and high priority.
● Longer screen support: beautiful second shots and light up to 30 second intervals **.
Original 16-bit RAW in J JPEG, DNG * B format and PNG photographer bats perfect for post processing.
ual lock speed of the hand: 1/80000 to 2 “as a range available on your device *.
Volume All camera functions are dedicated to the volume keys. You can configure EV, ISO, temperature and more with the volume keys. Closing device is also supported.
● Supports EXIF ​​and XMP metadata profiles.
● Autofocus, Macro, Touch Touch, Basic Light focus * and Infinity focus mode. Automatic lock function (AF-L)
Displays Auto Exposure (AE-L) and Auto White Balance (AWB-L) for Android 4.0.
Background effect, RA development and operation allow camera to be easily used without interruption.
Digital zoom with pink gestures with multi-touch. It also shows a focal length of 35 mm!
The latest electronic search: live RGB graphics, 10 customizable network layers and 9 guides.
Powerful Organizer Options: Various storage locations and fully customizable filenames (though options).

This prevents the camera application from being completely blurred, instead it has complete control over all shooting options, such as the rear camera, so you can control every aspect of the image. , And go to the Post Processing section on your computer. That is why you never lose the opportunity to take a DSLR because you can be closer to DSLR.

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The Lite version is a fully functional version of the FV-5, which has limited image support. Please purchase the Pro version for all device resolutions and enable RA boot (as support on your device).

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Important: If you have problems with the application, please visit or specify the name and model of your phone before writing a negative review. Write support for using Cameraf5 Customer satisfaction is our priority and we will do our best to solve the problem as much as possible.

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Connect with camera FV5 and stay up to date with current and future developments. Visit the official website of, visit or CameraFV5 or participate in an educational program via http. Visit:

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