Automatically forward SMS to your PC/phone Apk Download

Compose or send short messages across devices – an application that enables users to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (such as between a phone and a laptop).

Main features:
1) Transmit SMS message to another phone or computer.
2) Support sent SMS history.
3) Only support the ability to send incoming or outgoing messages.
4) Support the creation of regulations for sending messages by key point or source address.

Where you can send SMS:
– to another phone;
– To email
– to the specified URL;
– In ICQ;
– In the telegram.
– in Vkontakte
– on Facebook / Messenger
– Or offer your options, we will consider them

Attention! The application is not intended to send a text message to your spouse, loved ones, or any other people. It doesn’t interfere with other people’s SMS messages, but it redirects your SMS wherever you point it in the app. Be careful!

Message B features include:
– Ability to define the SMS contact list you want to send to another mail / phone
– Ability to set text rules for SMS to post / send to other phones
– Ability to send incoming or outgoing messages only
– If the phone has two SIM cards, the ability to choose which message to send

List of required permissions
RECEIVE_SMS – Allows receiving SMS messages. After you get to the message, start blabbering on
RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH – Allows receiving WAP messages. Forward after receiving WAP message
SEND_SMS – Allows an app to send SMS messages. Turn on another phone
READ_SMS – Allows the application to read SMS information. For information on outgoing messages to send

Privacy Statement:
* This app requires reading / sending SMS letters to deliver the message in real time. (READ_SMS, SEND_SMS, RECEIVE_SMS, RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH)
* This app will not use or save any of your messages or contacts


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