5 most useful apps for Android! 2021 best mobile app for android

This full screen caller ID is the best application for displaying caller ID information in full screen for incoming calls or outgoing calls. The full screen caller ID replaces the old small alarm screen for your phone.

The caller ID will show a high quality full screen image of the caller ID in the phone screen year, the phone will ring, the phone ring will be lost. The HD photo caller app will help you quickly identify the caller and make a decision about the phone.

You now have the option to select photos from the gallery of the Photographer app on any incoming / outgoing phone instead of the old boring stock.

Phone locator for external call and incoming call for phone support. This alarm ID changer app will provide security as the alarm screen will appear whenever the next alarm arrives and will show options such as accepting a call or rejecting an unwanted call.

Your full screen collar photo call screen has many options to combine with different themes. You can adjust the ringtone screen background from the given default background or use the full screen image of the ringtone ID of all contacts that will be the background in your photo. There are different answers and you also reject the topics.

This Caller Screen Dealer All Link App is an alternative caller ID photo application for your phone with the default caller screen dealer for your phone. Lots of ringing phones to choose from in this full screen caller ID app.

It has HD full collar screen app graphics and nice interface. The ringing screen will work immediately after installation, but you will need to adjust the HD images in your contacts to prevent full screen darkening.

( 1 App )  Photo Caller Screen

This music free music player with DJ name mixer. Mayo to sing is perfect for you. With this software it is very easy to add your name to a remix song or add your name to a remix song. With your DJ Name Mixer application you can create your own name song or instantly share it with anyone who uses social media.

DJ Name Mixer Online. Song to DJ is the best or latest collection of high quality DJ songs in Nam Mixer. DJ Name Mixer also allows users to create DJ names with the audio mixer option. You can create your own DJ name mixer in these HD sounds using the audio option. This DJ name mixer app works very fast and easily saves songs in private folders.

Then the best audio DJ name mixer application for you is DJ Name Mixer. In this DJ Studio Mixer, you can add any of your favorite songs and add DJ effect. Similarly, you can add text to your audio, and you can record mp3 sound with this DJ name mixer. DJ Name Mixer has a special functionality that you can use in text and recorded sound if you wish. You can also adjust the echo sound, patch and sound. After mixing your music, you can set it as your ringtone and ad title.

( 2 App )  DJ Name Mixer

Voice reads notifications of incoming calls, text messages, and apps (such as Uncle Talk, Line, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

You don’t need to do dangerous things like turn your head and check your phone while checking your text messages while driving.

If you listen while studying in the library, you can still find notifications without checking your cell phone.

Even while cooking in the kitchen, you can learn the meaning of the sound of the phone in the room.

( 3 App )  Notification announcer – ByVoice

Do you want to be the best tattoo maker?
Do you need ice cream? Draw a tattoo! Or choose and apply from any tattoo design in this app!

Tattoo: Tattoo Design, a background eraser, is a manager application that applies tattoo design to any part of your body to let you see what it looks like.


Gallery Select an image from a gallery or camera.
Select one or more thumbnails and arrange them in your photo.
Choose a text option to write the name and tattoo on the image
Stylish lots apply stylish tattoo designs
Add image text.

( 4 App )  Tattoo: Tattoo Design,

Video Compressor Video: Video Cutter – Audio Extractor is a fast and easy video compression application, which is simple and easy to use.
Are you wondering how to easily compress video and therefore fast and fast video compressor, looking for a redesigner to resize video?
رفتار Fast Video: Video Recovery – The Audio Extractor app is really effective for squeezing your videos.
High Speed ​​Video B Features: Video Recovery – Audio Ethernet Application:
Advertising Video: Video Speed ​​- Extracting audio helps you extract MP3 files from video.
Extract audio as MP3 player app. Remove MP3 to restore video and reduce video size. Compressed Video: MP3 Extractor. Using the MP3 Extractor application, you can easily extract audio from video, just like the MP3 Extractor application.

( 5 App )  Compress Video: Video Cutter –

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