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NetGuard provides an easy and modern way to block access to the Internet.

Applications and addresses may individually access or deny your Wi-Fi and / or mobile connection.

Disabling Internet access can help.

Reduce your data usage
Protect your battery
Increase your privacy


Easy to use
No real need
Open 100 open source
Calling or calling home
There is no tracking or analysis in tra
No ads
Allah actively developed and helped
Android 5.1 and later supported
IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP supported
Harvesting supported
Allow the piston to rotate when the screen is running
Blocking ING while roaming
Only block system applications
Notify when an application has access to the Internet
Use the OC record network at each address in each application
Light metal design theme with light and dark theme

Property Features Features:

Search all ongoing traffic logs and filter access attempts Export PCAP files for traffic analysis
Allow / block individual address for each application
Adjust the net guard directly from the application update notification
Display network speed graph in status bar notification
Choose from five additional themes, both light and dark

And there is no root firewall that provides them all.

In Applet – This is an app that allows you to remove multiple apps from your phone or tablet and free up memory space. You can select multiple apps and remove them from your phone. It will be faster than any of them to install. Also, show an app info for each app.

Easy Installer Android-Batch Install that you don’t need with this app.
Can it get the best Android installer? Not me but you can find it for yourself.

Also, this app does not ask you for root access, but you will not be able to uninstall system applications. If you do not want to see system applications in the list, you can hide them in the application settings. Improve the performance of your phone or tablet by freeing up memory space by installing unnecessary apps and other junk, which slows down your Android device.

You can use the search to find the applications you want to delete. You can sort apps by their APK size or by their name in ascending and descending order. You can select apps in each using checkboxes or you can select all your apps using the box at the top.
Also, if you upgrade to a premium, you can turn it into a black and AMOLED theme.

Gender The best sharing app to meet all your transfer needs

Share music Music, video sharing and photo sharing, MV sharing, sharing, sharing with me, file sharing
Move any file, application, music, PDF, Word, Excel, zip, folder … at any time
Mobile does not use mobile data at all
Bluetooth 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed: WiFi File Transfer Master!
Cross-platform support: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC / Mac
USB does not require a USB connection or additional computer software
500 to 500 million + user preferences
200 million files are successfully transferred every day
Play music and video right after you get everything
☆ New Beder [MP33]: Convert video to audio
Social Social Media Downloader Save videos from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
Game Games Centerway includes hundreds of exciting games – available with installation / download


Remove Flash files with Flash files
Imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds! Maximum speed reaches 40Mb / s.

Files send large files without interruption (original size)
Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents and other unlimited file sizes.

Free network and data connection
No, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime.

Share all files without restriction
Transfer whatever you want from documents, music, photos, videos and apps.

Bat new battery: up to MP3 – convert video to audio
2 Steps to Convert Video File to Audio: Convert to MV Song. Convert video to speech to record audio on screen without wasting battery life;

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