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It has the same version as the DSLR Lite Pro, but we limit the images to 8 megapixels, 1080 pixels resolution, and a maximum recording time of 5 minutes.

However, the application can still turn your mobile photographer into a professional camera such as ISO, shutter speed, image, manual focus and a professional camera that can take you to the next level. Take your pictures and more resolutions Write a movie

Manual Camera Lite: DSLR Camera Professional

* Requires Android 5.0+ with Camera 2 API via phone generation

This camera has a really fast camera that works fast with pro camera performance, which is very useful for pausing or deleting most movies to get them to break easily. .

Create advanced DSL with Personal Camera Pro photos and DSLRHD Professional. R Take Photography.

Professional DSLR HD HD HD HD Camera features:


B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera


More than 1,500 different labels
– Face recognition labels that can ruin your face or make you a better animal
– Bright effects and stylish analog filters to brighten your day
– Different design effects you can take while filming.
Impressing real-time beauty in one perfect shot at a time
– Completely leveled skin
Find the slide image that is easily used
Filters that suit your taste
– High quality filters for selfies, dining, scenery or any event
– Instant access to your favorite filters and filters
Easily create high quality music videos
– Edit your movie with interesting instructions
– Different effects and playback speed for more dynamic music videos

Discover the beautiful characters using the ART tag (Extreme Reality is only available on some devices).
Record funny and funny videos for the movie
Use gallery images to further customize your photos
Create collages where you can see all your favorite things in one place


Auto blur background – blur image like DSLR


The automatic incognito is quick and easy to create stunning background images.

Application of intellectual focus areas automatically indicates attention.
The background blur effect provides dozens of heavy effects
Adjust the intensity of the image blurry until there is intense blurring with the Black-Free Photo Editor or the Dark Billiards app.
করুন Create a very realistic effect with various graph patterns like DSLR cameras.
Bokeh effect and cover effect such as snow, mood … You can highlight this place in the background …


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