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“Advanced Translation – The best language translator for translating text and ideas Free Translator, Spoken and Voice Translator, WhatsApp and Messenger Translator that allows you to translate from English to Arabic and many other languages.

Less information, faster translation
Support more than 100 languages
There is an offline translation mode and voice translation
The cameras translate all the cameras

Whenever you need translation while traveling, on a business trip or while studying a language, hi-translation, cross-application brings excellent translators who can translate you into multiple languages.

▶ Key b

1) Cross application translation
Translate with past haircuts in each app. Reading news without limits and without interference

2) Text translation
Real-time text translation for sentences and phrases

3) Image translation
Recognize and translate images automatically by clicking the text button on the image Recognizes 18 languages.

4) Voice translation
Real-time audio translation for both text and audio

5) Offline translation
Can also be translated online. Free from network limitations.

6) Speech translation
When speaking to a foreigner, speak the same language to each other

With your translator partner, be sure to translate Hello everywhere!

Translation is confirmed in the following languages:
English, Hindi / Urdu, Bengali / Boli / English, Telugu / 1, Marathi / Urdu / Mara, Tamil / / / Tami, Urdu / Urdu / Urdu, Canada / / / Kanak, Gujarati / English / Gujarati, Malayalam / 2 / Malay, Punjabi / English / Shahmakhi, Chinese, Spanish / Espol / Castillano, Arabic / Arabic / Arabic, Malay / Bahasa Malay, Portuguese / Portuguese, Russian / ́к ́кы́к, French / Lee French, German / Deutsche Welle, Hausa / Hausa, Japanese / ほ ん ご, Persian / Farsi / Farsi î, Swahili / Kisuhli, Javanese / Domestic White, Korean / 한국어, Italian / Italian, Amharic / Amharic, Czech / Aztec, Croatia / Croatia, Swedish / Sunska, Netherlands / Netherlands, Greek / Ελληνικά / Greek, Romanian / Long Romanian, Polish / Polish, Finnish / D / Somali / Magyar, Hebrew / עברית, Kazakh / Қазақша, Cambodian / ភាសាខ្មែរ, Kyrgyz / Кыргыз тили, Burmese, Norwegian / Norsk Spark, not Romanian / Pashto, Sinhalese / සිංහල, P. Mali / Somali, Albanian / Shakespeare, Ukrainian / Ук 1

(1 )  Hi Translate

Dark Mode is the best app & get night mode in your favorite apps 🌙
Now enjoy your favorite Dark mode instagram!

Dark Mode helps to activate the Android dark theme on devices that do not provide this option in the system settings, works for android 6, 7, 8 and 9 ✔

(2)  Dark Mode – Night Mode

Access all Pakistan e-services using Pakistan e-Services application.
This application saves time searching for your e-websites.

Using SIM Data Division to get data details in Pakistan in 2021.
In the app you can see the details and CNIC description of each number for free.

(3)  Pak E-Services 2021

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